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Me & My City

  • Area:Cultur Area
  • Seminar:Creative Cities
  • Question:From our perspective as citizens and designers. How can we improve any aspect of the city, its communities and residents?
  • Start:17th of May, 2010
  • End:21st of May, 2010
  • Location:Madrid Case Pavilion
  •  Shanghai (Shanghai), China
  • Professor:admin


Participants will investigate how cities can become more sustainable, friendly and productive starting from their gaze and needs. The workshop will provide them with a methodological tool that facilitates the organization of processes and time, in order to stimulate the creation of projects that bring new alternatives to improve the quality of life.


The workshops objective is not to design a “perfect” product or communication but rather to provide a creative vision in the design process and the challenges associated with the problems of cities from a personal perspective. The workshop focuses on the creative work and the active analysis of the UBPA area pavilions within the framework of the Shanghai World Expo.

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